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The Small Satellite Research Laboratory was founded in 2016 by 3 students at the University of Georgia. The students orgininally intended to build a modest and small spacecraft funded by a Kickstarter; However, shortly after the students reached out to faculty, the project began to increase in complexity. Now the Small Satellite Research Laboritory team includes over 30 members - and is still growing. The lab is now partnered with both NASA and the Air Force, and is building two 3U cubesats for Low Earth Orbit. The Small Satellite Research Laboratory will have it's first satellite deployed from the International Space Station in 2018.

Caleb1 439fd20c0ef91fab4cbe70047f4e81ca068e56cae2550c4bc609664a4c74be2f

Caleb Adams

Chief Manager & Founder

Computer Science & Astronomy and Physics

Caleb Adams, along with Hollis Neel and Ryan Babaie, began UGA's Small Satellite Research Laboritory after starting a small satellite project that would soon involve UGA faculty. Caleb lead the first team from UGA to win an MLH, nationally recognized, Hackathon by building a low cost remote-operated telescope. He has worked for NASA as a Core Flight Software developer on the Orion project and was a beta tester of Google Glass. He spoke at the TEDx UGA student idea showcase about the future of small satellites and citizen science. Caleb currently runs one of the most popular computer sceince blogs and one of the most popular astronomy blogs on the tumblr blogging platform, with an outreach of 200,000.

Hollis1 ea316c41552cf3c45002adcc33ee8adb2459f3659748fa6b202eb1d7bdc01d41

Nicholas Neel

Project Manager, Co-Founder, & Co-Chief Engineer


Nicholas (Hollis) Neel, a co-founder of UGA’s Small Satellite research lab, is a mathematics major at the University of Georgia. He has developed and printed one of the largest 3D printed telescopes. Alongside these projects, he is also a researcher in mathematics. In this area, Hollis focuses on Knot Theory which is the study of mathematical knots.

Khoa1 ffe69ffec818c999b0bc923213e703923a98001d3bbeb0b1b0d4c82da00e7f0a

Khoa Ngo

Chief Engineer

Mechanical Engineering

Khoa Ngo is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Georgia. Having experience in working with control systems, simulations, and autonomous unmanned air systems, his main focus for this project is on System Engineering. In his free time, he likes to play guitar and watch anime.

Megan1 daa85f0c8e13312fd6530b2a971a835de27a7501feac6206219a549498193635

Megan Le Corre

MOCI Mechanical Lead & Lab Lead

Mechanical Engineering & Astronomy

Megan Le Corre is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Astrophysics. She is the Mechanical Team Lead of the CubeSat Project as well as a member of the electrical team. She has a particular interest in astronomy and nuclear fusion power generation and hopes to design specialized research equipment for these fields after graduation. In her free time, she can usually be found cooking, reading science fiction and Vonnegut novels or sometimes hiking.

Graham1 da9bc202fcaa38e2466f555b058985e0fc012d152e0955ab3fa171c17416d8d0

Graham Grable

SPOC Mechanical Lead

Mechanical Engineering

Graham Grable is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering. Graham earned the Eagle Scout rank at the age of 13, finishing his project at a nationally recognized Audubon Sanctuary. In his senior year of high school, Graham obtained an internship focused on nanotechnology and won the fall intern symposium. Graham’s passion is space, and is excited about this project and the future of the Small Sat Research Lab.

Paige1 202a5f9e9e0536c7f70c7016fa56a48309b2dcdeda31041b9d69534f2310f96b

Paige Copenhaver

Mission Operations Lead

Astronomy and Physics

Paige is an undergraduate at UGA majoring in Physics and Astronomy. In addition to working on the flight team, she also conducts astronomical research in spectroscopy. She hopes to someday combine her knowledge of astrophysics and her passion for the environment to benefit the world and humanity. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, drawing, and playing ukulele.

Nirav1 6cf88dfbcb8d8e70af9fbfba9c5dd5186d8ea759946168921404c7d1d7898fd3

Nirav Ilango

Research Lead

Computer Science & Geography

Hey! My name is Nirav Ilango and I’m from Johns Creek, GA. I’m a member of the class of 2019 at the University of Georgia, majoring in computer science and geography, and the leader of the Data Team on the UGA CubeSat project. As someone who is passionate about our local environment, I’m particularly interested in the applications of our data for oceanographic and geographical research on the Georgia coast! In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, watching Netflix, and hiking. Feel free to reach out!

Adam1 f0cbc0f425954746d48caf5aff1b1fa1fc9f76bfd56a29ef39fe42d8c0477222

Adam King

Electronics Lead

Dual BS/MS in Computer Science

Adam is currently pursuing a dual Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science through the Honors Program and plans to specialize in robotics, namely with computer vision and decision making under uncertainty. These skills will provide a firm foundation on which to pursue his academic and career goals, in part due to this Assistantship. After this, he plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus in robotics, hopefully at Standford University, Carnegie Mellon University, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This will enable a career-based research at NASA in building exploration robots/rovers, assistive robots for astronauts, or robots that can work in-tandem to construct extraterrestrial habitats for future space pilgrims.

Paul hwang side bd3fe70df40a9213338be0b0dbc841a0761ba6da8c0fb3ba58b26e47dbe48151

Paul Hwang

Lead Designer and IT/Management Lead

Art & Graphic Design

Paul Hwang is a second year undergraduate getting his BFA in graphic design at the University of Georgia. With a focus in design, he takes care of all creative and design matters here at Spacey. He is also an organizer/lead designer for UGA Hacks, works with startups in Athens as a designer, and plays a mean game of catch. A hobbyist at heart, he has a new obsession every few months, including cooking, game design, programming, writing music, and so on. He also loves to meet people who are passionate about what they do, so if that sounds like you, drop him a line!

Godfrey1 b2ee41662b1e4fa581f6bbc6e34321954dca9cb8da40c61c3333f3455c3beae4

Samuel Godfrey Hendrix

Lab Operations and Testing Operations Lead

Computer Systems Engineering & German

Godfrey is a freshman Computer Systems Engineering and German Dual Major at the University of Georgia. He has competed at the national level in robotics and cyber security through his school. Godfrey’s goal is to gain a Masters in Biological Engineering to pursue future human/computer interfacing advancements. He enjoys learning about and experimenting with new open source projects in his personal network during his free time.

Paulk1 dde4bf8bbf1209cc16da911868996ea6311de12598a64c3317c17c5524b77a6a

Paul Keith

Mechanical Team Member

Mechanical Engineering

Paul is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Georgia’s College of Engineering. He has fascination with aeronautical engineering and astronomy and hopes to design specialized spacecraft in these fields after graduation. Paul earned the Eagle Scout rank at the age of 15, completing his project for a local school. In his free time, he enjoys reading science fiction novels, playing Kerbal Space Program, hiking, and learning new things.

Aj1 2bd0b5aaf284b4ac03aa361da0fd33e47a46bfef185bb1bcb98e46187a2c25e1

AJ Banerjee

Electronics Team Member

Computer Science

AJ is an undergraduate Computer Science student from UGA. He's one of the founders and organizers of UGA Hacks, our official student-run hackathon, and former president of ACM, the largest computer science organization on campus. He is excited about software engineering, product design, and leading teams to do cool things. For hobbies, he likes learning languages (5 so far, learning Chinese now), hiking, cooking, and listening to podcasts. Currently, he's leading the software effort for the SPOC mission. He also likes meeting people who are passionate about what they do, so if that sounds like you, get in touch!

Erick1 e94e9795d41c220ab61e53f3ff32c5b478490e4d80ee2aeece673c0ba3e13bcb

Erick Gavilanes

Electronics Team member

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Erick is a senior Electrical and Electronics Engineering student with an interest in electronics, microcontrollers, custom PCB design, and 3D Printing/Modeling. He hopes to work for a company that will utilize all of his skills and creativity.

Ashley1 f01e0695d2e4015798fe75667eff1b2f1b6795ee34bb59fa4a6779546569335e

Ashley Huynh

IT/Management Team Member

Computer Science

Ashley is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Computer Science with certificates in Entreprenuership and Music Business. She currently works as the System Administrator on the Lab Operations team with involvement in the Research team as well. Outside of the lab, Ashley enjoys music production and is the founder and President of UGA's student-run record label, Rock Lobster Records, as well as the creator of the ElevateCS outreach program focused on enriching CS education in Athens.

Esa1 a66a7ab5a11cf5d0c7a0e325a5f0b2b1af987608eea7c6fd2802b49df10338aa

Esa Julian Serog

IT/Management Team Member

Computer Science

Esa Julian Serog is a Senior Computer Science Student. He is a well rounded developer that works with both back-end and front-end services. When he's not coding during his free time, he likes to write music and play guitar. He has also been active with several other organizations such as The University of Georgia Redcoat Band, the Epsilon Lambda chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, and is currently serving as one of the leaders of the University of Georgia's iOS Apps club.

James1 27333c4883a9c81ed8c8f3e59430ac06468e4525fc904e01b0de053d3fdfe72f

James Roach

Electronics Team Member

Computer Science

James is a computer science student working towards an emphasis in software engineering. He loves to code and has worked as a developer for several enterprise companies. He hopes to obtain a masters in software engineering after graduation and then work with really cool things.

Logan1 49688e422a690befb877e0a500f2c3942127fa86164e2a45d2ff6af8bc68b7af

Logan Skidmore

Electronics Team Member

Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy

Logan is a first year Electrical Engineering and Astrophysics student. One day he would like to work to advance Space exploration, or possibly work with Electric Vehicles, although in his heart of hearts he dreams of living on Mars. Outside of the lab Logan is a member of the UGA Club Fencing and Archery teams, IEEE, and Model African Union. He spends most of his free time (read: not enough time) reading Science Fiction/Fantasy novels, playing Pokemon, listening to Classical/Metal music, and watching movies.

Dustin1 17cabfc4492441a8c84acfcb6689c1849a0272982e57615f5125d35f0803fe66

Dustin Mizelle

Electronics Team Member

Electrical Engineering

Dustin is a fourth year electrical engineering student set to graduate this upcoming Spring. He loves planes and space and hopes to one day cruise through the stars as an astronaut. Outside of class he is a member of the club swim team, a huge Atlanta Hawks fan, and eats Zaxby's every Sunday.

Sydney1 7c4ff6629fd215158f65f742b0ca0491e2a3aad216a3a10ba44f98200031c2e3

Sydney Whilden

Mission Ops Team Member

Physics, Astronomy & Comparative Lit

Sydney is a second year student on the Mission Operations team, where her responsibilities largely include researching and building simulations in order to investigate risks and possibilities associated with the SPOC and MOCI missions. She is passionately interested in both science and literature. Some of her particular fascinations are astrophysics, cosmology, and speculative fiction. Her preferred career might include academic research, teaching, or working for NASA, possibly while writing sci-fi on the side. She plays rugby with the UGA Women's Rugby Football Club, where her responsibilities are more along the lines of knocking people over. She loves kombucha and Criminal Minds, and is powerless to resist a cat in need of attention.

Clark1 462850a0e04029ea184ea204acabd9140d29a3a09bca6d626af04d1b8d0c58fd

Clarke Goodman Veazey

Mission Ops Team Member

Astrophysics & Philosophy

Clark Veazey is an Australian UGA undergrad pursuing degrees in Astrophysics and Philosophy, with a special interest in the area of Cosmology in both fields. Outside of the lab, he conducts undergraduate research studying molecular collisional systems in interstellar gas with applications to ancient star formation. He hopes to go on to make the origins of the universe the subject of his career as a researcher. In his free time, he plays competitive SSBM and composes chiptune (8bit) music

Jacob1 480a0fdf9d7e235cd20c3d194d1bf6758b02ea4d6300e394d8d93f1be4989c53

Jake Conley

Research Team Member

Computer Systems Engineering

Jake is a Computer Systems Engineering student and software developer, aspiring to go into either research technology-related business. He is on the research team for MOCI, develooping and testing algorithms for data analysis.

Alex1 f8c57b68d947773cd0a4cd3bd3632db99e1277742aaf06334659c4b1f388eb49

Alex Winkles

Research Team Member

Mathematics & Chemistry

Alexander is a fourth year student on SSRL's Research Team pursuing degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry. He aspires to earn his PhD in Computational Mathematics and study Numerical Analysis and its applications to real world problems in theoretical physics and chemisty. Outside of SSRL, he has worked as an undergratuate researcher where he studied quantum chemistry and mathematical knot theory, which has resulted in several publications in the works. In his free time, he enjoys reading fantasy novels, programming, and watching cat videos.


David1 0b21d9f7d5abc999306047055ead8beba6370c0a8f6f115c0047b22005028ec6

Dr. David Cotten

Small Sat Research Lab Supervisor & Data Team Mentor

Dr. David Cotten is a Research Scientist in the Center for Geospatial Research (CGR). He graduated from UGA in 2011 with his doctorate in Physics and Astronomy. His research as a Post Doctoral Associate focused on surface-atmosphere exchange, and he is currently using remote sensing and micrometeorology techniques to quantify carbon storage in wetland regions at both the local and regional scales. Dr. Cotten is also using unmanned aerial vehicles, air photos, and satellite imagery to build 3D models of terrestrial objects using photogrammetric Structure from Motion. He enjoys mentoring students and is excited about helping the Small Sat Research Lab become a permanent fixture at UGA.

Deepak mishra 22ded159f895e4fb664c62394d15d11504855f1d1a545f8305579dcdd358a2fe

Dr. Deepak Mishra

Principal Investigator & Remote Sensing Expert

Dr. Mishra is an Associate Professor in the Center for Geospatial Research in the Geography Department. He specializes in the application of geospatial science including remote sensing, GIS, and GPS to coastal environments. Dr. Mishra’s broad research interests are: Remote Sensing of Wetlands, Estuaries, Coastal and Open Ocean Waters Remote Sensing in Monitoring Global Climate Change Ocean Optics and Satellite Oceanography. He envisions a permanent Small Sat Research Lab at the University of Georgia.

Malcolm adams 213c8d8267295c88404d352472fc8917c92c737fe2c245856d3115b68d5fd85c

Dr. Malcolm R Adams

Electronics Team Mentor & Software Team Mentor

Dr. Malcolm Adams is the Head of the Mathematics Department and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor. HIs research uses analytic and geometric techniques to study problems in mathematical physics and mathematical biology.

Marguerite madden 9f3b5c08a0bf8ae7374c890feced61a3cba5962623f41fc04454f34d7d9249b5

Dr. Marguerite Madden

Remote Sensing Expert & Logistics Team Mentor

Dr. Marguerite Madden is the Director of the Center for Geospatial Research (CGR) and Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia (UGA). Dr. Madden is a Past President (2007) and Fellow (2010) of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS), Editor of the 2009 ASPRS Manual of GIS, and former International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) Technical Commission President of Commission IV “Geodatabases and Digital Mapping” (2008-2012). Currently she is the current Second Vice President of ISPRS (2012-2016).

Sergio bernardes 214ca27a0b8d27ea0cd317c9ac78c4833848231fc032b70ce89a2f3d1dd02423

Dr. Sergio Bernardes

Remote Sensing Expert & Flight Team Mentor

Dr. Sergio Bernardes is the Associate Director of the Center for Geospatial Research (CGR) in the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia (UGA). He received his MSc in Remote Sensing from the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research and a Ph.D in Geography from the University of Georgia. His expertise include software development, the design and implementation of large geospatial databases and time series analysis of remotely sensed images, ground-based climate data and derived metrics to assess vegetation responses to natural and anthropogenic-related environmental changes. He has over 25 years of experience working on geospatial projects involving government, industry and academia. Dr. Bernardes has been the Co-Chair for the Climage Change Committee of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) and is currently the Associate Editor of the Image Processing and Analysis Methods chapter of the 2016 ASPRS Manual of Remote Sensing. He is a former NASA Fellow, stationed at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and his work has been recognized multiple times by NASA, the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) and ASPRS.

Marshall shepherd 955e99a530813f98f640c5fe02622f3ce6da6049b2eed926faaf6a6e24b2adb2

Dr. Marshall Shepherd

Climate Expert & Logistics Team Mentor

Dr. Marshall Shepherd is the Director for Program in Atmospheric Sciences and a Georgia Athletic Association Professor. His research interests include urban weather-climate, mesoscale weather processes, precipitation, tropical weather hazards, and satellite remote sensing. Dr. Shepherd worked at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) as a research meteorologist for twelve years.

Adrian burd ddf717fb2d51a2f61210cdcf9710f4f227c0422942d9ccebf028b4616e395e45

Dr. Adrian Burd

Marine Science Expert

Dr. Adrian Burd is an Associate Professor in the Marine Science Department. His research involves the use of mathematical and computer modeling to understand how different marine systems function and how they might change under changing environmental and climate conditions. For me, a marine system can mean many things; a the biological and chemical transformations of a single particle of detrital material settling through the water column; the productivity of a seagrass bed along the coast; the cycling of carbon in the global ocean.

Bill dennis 7bca3a144ed0438dbb3a7a7f86f71987b473c8baeffd6b3bc7a330f52e44d56f

Dr. Bill Dennis

Physics Expert

Dr. Bill Dennis is the Department Head of Physics and Astronomy and a Professor of Physics. His research group uses both linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopic techniques to investigate many of the fundamental dynamical processes that occur in condensed matter systems such as laser crystals, phosphors and glasses. He is currently using a combination of experimental techniques and computer simulations to investigate the effects of high intensity ultrashort pulses on optical materials, components, and systems.

Susanne ullrich e3e3aa5909d56e6b2b55bbe77f2645b3cc0a25244463f5b4631b24a0e742e0e1

Dr. Susanne Ullrich

Mechanical Team Mentor

Dr. Susanne Ullrich is an Associate Professor of Physics. Her research involves exploring dynamics and functionality of biophotonic molecules via time-resolved spectroscopy. Her lab uses modern femtosecond and picosecond time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopies − both transient absorption and photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy − to investigate dynamic biophotonic processes in the gas-phase, in molecular clusters, where the complexity of the environment can be varied, and in solution. She will use her background to mentor the students through the design process of different testing apparatuses, from vacuum chambers to ADCS testing.

Thomas mote 51ff6e3f1183ce5adc04a11bba2ada1b86784d025a8217f70977a906328f387f

Dr. Thomas L Mote

Climate Expert & Software Team Mentor

Dr. Thomas Mote is the Department Head of Geography and a Professor in the Geography Department. His research involves hydroclimatology, climate change, synoptic climatology/meteorology, and satellite climatology/meteorology.

Jenna jambeck 3895f7e0a1e87421dea5222f5c4b257b57b8dda28c6d90bd3d08be708d43c4d4

Dr. Jenna Jambeck

Mechanical Team Mentor

Dr. Jenna Jambeck is an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering. She conducts research and teaches environmental engineering with a focus on solid waste. Dr. Jambeck’s work often interweaves social context and sciences with technical aspects.

Ben davis 02f190dfa80a6978a5530c3e41f38237d88bf4a688d48492f4d7a4cc5d08dab2

Dr. Ben Davis

Mechanical Team Mentor

Dr. Ben Davis is an Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering. He leads the Dynamic Devices and Solutions Lab where they create innovative analytical and experimental solutions to today's most challenging multiphysics structural dynamics problems. The Dynamic Devices and Solutions Lab is developing new approaches to predict the flow induced vibration of bellows joints to be used in the propulsion systems of NASA's new Space Launch System (SLS).


Juweek Adolphe • Ryan Babaie • Helena Bales • Chrissie Brady • Kenny Chochran • Warren Eshpeter • Jaicob Stewart • Nicholas Szakal