UGA SSRL Facilities and Capabilities

Lab Tho

SSRL has over 1400 sq. ft. of lab space located in the UGA Physics building. It is equipped with a wide range of facilities for designing, building, and testing space ready equipment including: 126 sq. ft. ISO 7 certified cleanroom, a 200 liter thermal vacuum chamber capable of reaching 10-6 torr, 150 sq ft of ESD safe work space for sensitive electronics, and a ground station capable of communication and data downlink using S-Band, UHF, and VHF


The facilities include a 126 sq. ft., ISO 7 certified cleanroom. This is typically used for optical systems integration and final flight systems integration.

Here the SPOCeye instrument, the primary scientific payload of the SPOC satellite, are integrated and tested.

Ground Station

This station has a dual SDR/HDR system between 10 Hz and 6 GHz, VHF, UHF, and S-Bands for amateur satellite communication, satellite tracking capabilities integrated with Ball Aerospace COSMO mission command and control software

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The equipment includes a 200 liter thermal vacuum chamber capable of reaching 10^(-6) torr, +80°C, and -40°C.

ESD Safe Areas

150 sq ft of ESD safe work space for sensitive electronics. A plethora of standard electronics, tools, workbenches, and components are included.

Mission Operations Terminal

Our 6 screen Missions Operations terminal consists of 2, 4K monitors and 4, 1080p touch screens. It is from here where the ground operators of SPOC , MOCI , and future missions will command and control our satellites.

3D Printers

The Lab contains 2, 3D printers that are used for prototyping, fit checking, and assembly practice.

Soldering and Wiring Stations

Typically, we make our own wires and harnesses. We can also populate custom boards that we design in house.

General Purpose Computers

The Lab contains 7 general purpose computers with high-end GPUs use for development, CAD, and simulations.