Small Satellite Research Laboratory Computer Vision

Small Satellite Research Laboratory Computer Vision, SSRLCV, is a computer vision software library written in C++ and the Nvidia CUDA programming language for Nvidia GPU SoCs in space environments. The software will be used onboard the MOCI satellite with our modified TX2i, but is also compatible with Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and Linux for Tegra. SSRLCV can also run on the TX2 and the Jetson Nano. The software currently includes SIFT feature detection, SIFT feature generation, SIFT feature matching, point cloud filtering, 2 view triangulation, N view triangulation, and 2 view bundle adjustment.

  • version: 0.1
  • licence: LGPLv3

WARNING: This software is partially released, pending full release in late May 2020

SSRL Swarm Net
Small Satellite Research Laboratory Swarm Network

Small Satellite Research Laboratory Swarm Network is a proof of concept satellite swarm manager designed for Nvidia GPU SoCs on flat-sat prototypes. SSRL Swarm Net uses an IP stack to distribute agent state data over a multicast capable network and transfers data from peer to peer. The software is compatible with POSIX compliant systems.

  • version: 0.1
  • licence: LGPLv3

Precompiled Binaries
  • in progress
Source Code
  • SSRL Swarm Net Wiki
  • Doxygen
  • Examples

WARNING: This software is pending release in late June 2020